An interview with Goucha, the ultra-trendy stylist

I have 9 Sans-Arcidet’s bags and I can’t stop. They all are very different.


Hi goucha! Can you present yourself?

Hi, guys!
I’m Goucha, personal stylist and film costume creator. I feel like I’m in fashion since I remember myself. Thanks to my mother I was into magazines and we always talk about style. I’ve been working in different parts of the fashion industry for more than 20 years, now I’m 35.

How would you define your style?

The definition of my own style can be “fast and relaxed”. To be fashionable every day is crazy. When you create looks carefully everyday it can probably loose connect with soul and inspiration and become to “must to do”. But to feel love and magic about ourselves is more important. It’s important to find our own middle between comfort and trend. Trend is fun, even if it’s over. People who choose freedom are just play with trends.

What is your favorite product from Sans Arcidet ?

My favorite products are Sans Arcidet’s bags! I have 9 of them and can’t stop. They all are very different to match. It’s already like a sense of vision for my summer style tools.

Where do you find your inspiration for your beautiful outfits?

The strongest inspiration for me is always made by people from different times and our days as well. Characters, behaviors, faces.

For you, what will be the trend of this summer ?

If I could predict trends, I would say: “let’s integrate more and more raffia bags into city clothing. One piece can open yourself from the new side.”

Find Goucha on Instagram : @goucha