In the backstage of the creation of the new Spring-Summer 22 collection!

Discover the secrets about the creation of the new Sans-Arcidet Paris collection by meeting Corinne and Samuel the stylists and Myriam the brand’s co-founder. Inspirations, anecdotes, creative process, in this article they share with you the secrets of the spring-summer 2022 collection!

The Sans-Arcidet Team.

What were your inspirations for the creation of this new collection?

Samuel : This collection recovers the inspirations of its two creators Corinne and myself, since the last two years. Corinne represents the spirit of the brand in its approach, which is inspired by Ralph Lauren in its collections and by the native Indians of America with beautiful processes of leather work, lacing, fringes, associated with the work of raffia Malagasy. One model in particular takes his name.

And for my part I come with an inspiration derived from sportswear and streetwear, trying to bring a different way of working the color combinations or assemblies in leather goods but also with the will to mix raffia with new materials. It’s great to be able to draw on the history of Sans-Arcidet and bring back certain models or processes to the present day, recycle, recompose.

What makes it different from your previous collections?

Samuel : I think we wanted to try to change the way we design collections, not just the models. Trying to reduce the number of colors, removing black and colors that consume a lot, and refocusing on models that we like, and our customers likes too. We want to give them longer lifetimes rather than putting out a completely new collection every year. This collection also reflects what happened during its conception, a slowdown, and the need to work with what we have.

A return to natural colors and a hymn to softness. Restful shades as an invitation to rethink the essential.

Myriam the brand’s co-founder

When you create your designs, what is your favorite moment?

Samuel : It’s the moment of collaboration and discussion around the development, the assembling of the models, their volume but also the color range. Each year and each model brings its own questioning. It’s a process that is sometimes long and sometimes very spontaneous, and it’s quite beautiful to share.  

Are there any anecdotes about the creation of this collection?

Samuel : A model often goes through several forms before acquiring its final shape, but the Boris was the bag that made us doubt the most in its conception. Starting with a knit that we wanted to be a sort of solid stripe in volume, the body of the bag went through a rectangular bottom shape before moving on to an oval, and the details of the handles changed completely as a result. This bag has been a real roller coaster and we like the result very much even if it is very different from what we had imagined at the beginning.

BORIS M – Thé, Graphite, Lime

The colors of this collection are more “natural”, can you explain why?

Samuel : We needed and wanted more nature after all this time spent either at work or at home during the Covid. These colors, which we wanted to be very organic, and they match with the fluorescent tones that we like very much, because they bring light, joy, and freshness.

GISELE – Thé-Naturel-Gold

Can you describe this collection in 3 words?

Myriam : A return to natural colors and a hymn to softness. Restful shades as an invitation to rethink the essential.

Do you have a favorite model in the collection?

Myriam : My favorite model of the season is without any doubt the Boris bag, in 4 sizes to have fun according to your desires! Its original knit created in our workshops in Madagascar gives it a particular and almost organic relief. Corinne : Georges Uni, simple and practical and available in all colors.
Samuel : Boris XS, it’s a little jewel that I really enjoyed designing.

And a shade you like the most?

Corinne: Flamingo.
Samuel : Sky.
Myriam : It’s hard to choose this season because all the colors speak to me! Sky for its freshness, Skin for its softness or Clay for its refined side…

Can you describe a perfect look with one of the Sans Arcidet articles?

Myriam : With my Boris, I can wear a big knit or a pretty dress with clogs from Sans Arcidet! It follows me in many of my outfits...
Corinne : Hermes shoes and a large black dress, a scarf on her hair, she goes out of beach to take the aperitif with her Gisèle bag.
Samuel : Out in Bali, she puts on a big shirt or a tunic tightened with a large leather belt, with a pair of sandals Sangle.

“The Boris XS, it’s a little jewel that I really enjoyed designing.”

Samuel, Stylist at Sans-Arcidet.