In the backstage of Sans-Arcidet Paris” Part 5: Our commitments and our vision for the future.

As a engaged brand, we would like to share with you, for this last part of our series, our different commitments but also our ambitions for the future in an ethical and responsible way.

Concerning the working conditions of the craftsmen, what are you doing?

It has always been important to us at Kapila and Sans-Arcidet to ensure that the people who work here can take pride in their work and make a decent living from it, as well as having the right tools to ensure a quality product. We are also committed to our employees and collaborators to always try to have a full production schedule throughout the year in order to provide them with a stable income and to support them even when this is not the case. We are in the process of getting certified with the CSR label to try to align our values with a recognizable certification. The goal is to be more and more committed and to invite our suppliers and collaborators to do the same. This also allows us to further improve the dialogue with our craftsmen and to try to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

You have removed the color black from your models, where does this desire come from?

Our desire is to gradually eliminate colors that consume too much pigment and resources such as water; and black is one of the most pigment-consuming colors because it is very concentrated and difficult to fix in order to obtain a deep black that does not fade or tarnish. This has forced us to reconsider many processes in our way of producing; this in an effort to conserve what surrounds us and to give back to Madagascar what it has so generously given us. This is not always well understood by our customers, but we try to explain it to them as we progress towards the most ecological way! This same desire leads us today to try alternatives to leather which we feel are more in line with the natural aspect of this natural fiber which is dear to us.

Do you have other projects in this direction in the future?

We are always looking to improve the working conditions of our craftsmen, and to reduce the negative impact of our production on the environment as much as possible. This is why we are currently working on obtaining “RSE” status for our workshops to ensure that our values are shared by our employees and customers and to bring the brand to an ever more qualitative and innovative product, and of course to more respect for the craftsmens and the environment that make Sans-Arcidet Paris what it is.

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