Designed in Paris, each collection is handmade by women artisans using Raffia from Madagascar as its centre material.

Our know-how

Raffia is a 100% natural fiber made from Raffia palm leaves. This versatile material is produced from the membrane on the underside of each individual frond leaf. The membrane is taken off to create a long thin fiber, which can be dyed and woven as a textile into products. Traditionally used to make mats and baskets this material has been widely used throughout the world in textiles. Sans Arcidet have elevated this material into a line of highly coverable and fashionable creations that celebrate the nature of natural fibers.

A raffia basket, a real fashion accessory

Sans-Arcidet Paris specializes in working with raffia and mixing noble materials that it selects (vegetable leather from France, organic cotton, etc.) to create rich collections of raffia baskets and hats handmade by Malagasy craftswomen.

The brand is defined by its unequalled style resulting from the mixture of cultures, by its constant creativity thanks to its dedicated design office directed by Samuel, and especially by its modernity. This subtle mix makes Sans Arcidet Paris a unique brand of raffia accessories, free from the codes of traditional craftsmanship. Thanks to Sans Arcidet Paris since 2000, raffia has become a must have in fashion accessories.

Behind the scene

Discover all the stages of creation of our bags, hats and accessories.

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Stage 1

Design & Pattern

The first concept of the model is developed on paper by Corinne and Samuel, it is there that the colors, the mesh, the handles and the various details that make it up are decided in agreement with the Sans Arcidet sisters. Templates or patterns are then made by Samuel if the construction of the model requires it.
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Stage 2


The tint colors are selected by style according to the inspirations and orientations defined by Sans Arcidet and developed by the colorist. After validation, the shade recipe is then saved, ensuring that the shade is always the same throughout the production of the model.
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Stage 3


It is during this stage that all the elements of the products are refined and finalized by a small team of craftswomen handpicked for their experience in the process used, under the control of the style team: Layout of the interior lining , assembly of handles, clasps, finishes.
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Stage 4

Technical sheet

Once the model has been validated by Sans Arcidet Paris and the stylist, technical sheets are developed to guarantee the best quality of the product so that it is closest to the original prototype throughout its production.
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Stage 5


The raffia is distributed in the form of balls to the craftswoman who braids or crochet the raffia elements that make up the product. In parallel, the production of leather handles and elements is launched at the leather workshop as well as the lining if there is one.
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Stage 6


Once all these elements are finished, they are brought together at the finishing workshop and these are assembled together to finally form the final product with its labels.
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Stage 7

Quality control

It is the last step before the final product is packaged for export. The final piece is inspected from every angle by the Quality Control team to be sure that it complies with all aspects of the specifications defined by Corinne in style to guarantee a high quality product.
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Stage 8


The product once validated by the quality controller is then packaged with its cotton pouch and is now ready to join his friends in the box to travel around the world.
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Stage 9


Once the product has been received, he joins the large family of Sans Arcidet products and will be exhibited in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Miami, to show his best for international buyers and will be presented by the sales team. in Paris.
Sans Arcidet's Collection

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