Our Essentials

Born in 2011, they have since become the classic models of Sans-Arcidet. Plain, simple-looking models that adapt to all uses: beach, city or shopping. These are models that remain in the brand’s timeless catalog and that cross all seasons. They are recognizable among all by their studied design and their perfect shape. These pieces have been the happiness of all our customers for over 10 years now and are part of the elegant wardrobe of many women around the world.


An obvious complement to the handbag, the River clutch has accompanied our bags since 2010.
Matching in color or mesh, the clutch is available in two sizes for even more choices.

2 models     Small | Medium


The brand’s first hat is a real seducer and fits into any outfit, from the most casual to the most elegant. This is why it is still in the collections and continues to charm us.


The Sans-Arcidet capeline hugs all heads and adapts to all situations.
From cocktails to the beach, Magnolia knows how to magnify us!
Sans-Arcidet's Collection

Spring-Summer 2020 Collection