Our commitments

Sans-Arcidet Paris est l’incarnation du style Parisien et équitable dans le monde des accessoires en raphia.

Sans-Arcidet is concerned about the environmental and sustainable impact of its productions and takes social responsibility as a company very seriously. We are constantly researching and working on new products by replacing leather with new materials until we have vegetable leather without chemical treatments.

Sans-Arcidet is actively involved in Madagascar, its land of origin, particularly with a part of the Malagasy Mikea people, from the arid forest of the southwest of the island. These people, driven out of their place of life following numerous attacks by “dahalo (bandits, zebu thieves)” and massive deforestation, were forced to leave their village in the forest to move closer to the coast. They must now learn to adapt to a new environment, both environmental and social, and find new resources while maintaining their culture in symbiosis with the forest.

In partnership with the cooperative “Mikea Miray (Mikea Unis)”, created by the teacher Mikea Manou, Sans Arcidet Paris in partnership with Les ateliers Kapila*, the sister company of the brand, and the Tsutsu store in Madagascar for the local relay, wishes to bring a concrete help to the community through the implementation of several projects

– Financing of a cart allowing them to acquire a new source of income (rentals, exchanges, daily trips)
– Implementation and concrete participation of a sustainable agricultural project (vegetable garden, breeding)
– Small-scale reforestation around the village (forest and mangrove)
– Purchase of equipment and school supplies for the village school

« If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough »
Corinne, Stylist and co-founder of Sans Arcidet
Specialized in the craft of raffia